The sixth annual Conference will be
February 8, 2014
Workshops will be held
February 6 and 7
$199 Early Bird Pricing!
ends January 21, 2014
$249.00 Standard after

See Workshops page for pricing


Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed, follow @larubyconf on twitter for the latest announcements.

Comedian. Solver of problems, tester of code, lover of objects. Creator of RSpec, MiniMock, and even cooler things in the future.
Mark Bates is the founder and chief architect of the Boston, MA based consulting company, Meta42 Labs. Mark spends his days focusing on new application development and consulting for his clients. At night he writes books, raises kids, and occasionally he forms a band and "tries to make it". In 2009 Mark’s first (surprisingly not his last!) book, "Distributed Programming with Ruby", was published by Addison-Wesley. In 2012 Addison-Wesley published Mark’s second book, "Programming in CoffeeScript". He also runs the weekly screencast site,
Matthew is passionate about delivering quality software at ludicrous speed. He believes in collaborative thinking in an open community based on trust, teamwork and transparency. Thirsty for knowledge, Matthew constantly finds himself at the business end of the firehose. A product of The Ohio State University, Matthew received his B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering as well as minors in both Business and Japanese. Matthew has worked on many projects using many different technologies including Java, Python, Groovy, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure and others. His love of dynamic languages has lead him to Ruby and an order of Clojure a la carte. When he's not writing some wicked code, Matthew enjoys life outdoors on a sailboat, cycling, hiking, or laying in a hammock enjoying a fine wine. No, he is not from Boston.
Former Idahoan, former scientist living and working as a web developer in California.
Founder & Co-Organizer at Los Angeles Ruby Conference - Founder & Co-Organize of LA Ruby & Ruby on Rails Meetup
Aaron works on Fullscreen's engineering team as a Director of Happiness. He fell deeply in love with Ruby in 2010 after a series of flings with MUMPS, Python, Objective-C and C# (but the C# thing really wasn't that serious, honest!). He enjoys simple, elegant code, mechanical keyboards, and Mexican Pepsi. He gets bummed out by bureaucracy, office politics, and poor test coverage. There are some who have referred to him as a "popcorn god" and he'll be happy to make you some if you ask. Oh, and he's still using TextMate.
Likes kittens.
Mark Menard is the founder of Enable Labs, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Ruby on Rails development. Mark has spoken on Ruby at several events including BarCamp Albany and CodeCamp Albany. He has also spoken on Software Patents at TEDxAlbany in 2010. Mark frequently presents on Ruby issues at the TechValley Ruby Brigade; and does training sessions covering Ruby, Rails, refactoring, test/behavior driven development, and other software development topics. Mark used to be a Java developer and caught the dynamic language bug when he started coding in Groovy and then discovered Ruby. Since then he has added iOS development using Objective-C, Ruby's twin separated at birth.
Joe began writing software in the late ’90s at a large insurance company. He soon moved to Evant, a start-up which became an early case study for eXtreme Programming and Agile software development processes. After several years consulting, Joe joined Pivotal Labs in 2005 as a founding members of Pivotal’s Ruby on Rails practice. Joe has led projects for a wide variety of clients, from one-person start-ups to the world’s largest social networks and search companies. Since moving to Atlanta in 2010 Joe has pair programmed remotely full time with Pivotal Labs coworkers and clients around the country. He also blogs about his his passion, remote pair programming, at
Mike Moore is the founder and CEO of Humane Code located in Lehi, Utah. Mike's involvement with the ruby community has been continuous since 2007, as the organizer of Mountain West Ruby Conference, and as the author of minitest-rails. Mike is a talented instructor and software developer.
ruby evangelist, founder @confreaks, organizer @larubyconf, @rbonales, @openstackonales - opinions are my own not those of my employer - at&t
Justin Searls has two professional passions: writing great software and sharing what he’s learned in order to help others write even greater software. He and his team at Test Double have the pleasure of living out both passions every day, working closely with clients to find simple solutions to complex problems. His community efforts are focused on improving the more painful aspects of writing software, which might explain why you see him talking so much about JavaScript.

Sebastian is a software developer with a strong passion for OOP, pairing and teaching. He is one of the organizers of the Bogota Ruby Meetup and crafts software applications at Woody's Books where he helps build pretty cool stuff using Ruby.

He was a frustrated software developer, then fell in love with Ruby and got to enjoy programming again. Although, he recently admitted to be dating Haskell, he asked to keep it a secret since Ruby doesn't know yet!