Social Networking And Gambling Fashion

Social network gambling is developing rapidly!

Social games have brought about explosive growth in the video game market through the development of social networks such as Facebook, and are known as a type of game with great potential. In 2012, social games accounted for 36% of the online market, of which the video gambling market accounted for nearly 15%. It is estimated that by 2016, the number of players in social games will account for nearly half of the online market, and the entire market will account for 18%. Revenue in 2012 reached 5.4 million Euro, which is expected to increase to 10.7 billion by 2016. Facebook leads the social gambling market with more than 235 million players.

The Global Market For Social Gambling

Currently, video gambling players in the Asia-Pacific region are the most active, followed by Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As for Latin America and North America, growth is expected in 2016. In addition to the free system, players can also get more games, or seek help and advice through video chat contacts with players all over the world. Although social gambling has a broad market, considering the quality factor, large developers will not completely rely on social networks.

At present, there are nearly 12 traditional video gambling companies involved in the social gambling market, but top game developers such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have not participated. Popular online social games are developed by Electronic Arts, Sega, Take Two Interactive, and Warner Bros. Interactive. Products include Blitz, CSI: Miami, Avengers and Wild Hip Hop, etc., which have created billions of camps.

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